Institute of Rehabilitation & Drug Addiction


Both medical and psychological assessment is very important to understand patient’s personality and it can open the new channels of treatment for the patient.

The full assessment process may take several consultations. A drug-misusing patient may present at a time of crisis. An exhaustive initial interview may reduce the chance of them engaging in a treatment programme. However, enough information needs to be obtained in the initial consultation to assess the presenting problems safely. 

An addiction assessment is invaluable as the first step toward recovery, as it helps patients, family members, and medical professionals understand the best approach toward treating an individual’s addiction problem. 

It is a professional, discreet, and caring step toward overcoming addiction, and resuming a life free of drugs and alcohol.During an assessment, medical professionals will work to learn not only what the patient needs help with, but also who they are, and why drug and alcohol addiction became a destructive element in their life. 

Any conditions that can perpetuate drug and alcohol abuse will be discovered and logged, such as mental illness, health problems, family involvement, spiritual needs, etc. At its root, drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, but there are multiple potential complements to the disease that must be addressed during an addiction assessment to determine the appropriate level of care.