Institute of Rehabilitation & Drug Addiction

Message from the CEO

Thank you for taking time to learn about IRADA. We facilitate and specialize in the treatment of behavioral health and addiction issues, opened its doors in September 2014. IRADA is more than a hospital; we are an integrated behavioral health system focusing on services to the child, adult and senior adult population. We currently provide inpatient, partial hospital, and intensive outpatient programming. 

We are striving hard to challenge support and inspired those struggling with drug dependencies. IRADA was founded to meet the needs for rehab centre that provides and elevated level of quality to recovery, at an affordable cost. We take our due pride by maintaining limited residence to sustain a high level of quality through personalized care. 

IRADA gives its residents a supportive and challenging environment simultaneously, while rediscovering and redeveloping the potential lying within requires a lot of work, guidance and time which is hardly to achieve without complete family involvement including time frame, counseling session and follow-ups etc. 

The real challenge for those afflicted with alcoholism and drug addiction is realizing that there is a problem, and accepting that in order to get better, the right alcoholism treatment or drug addiction treatment centre must be found. Then they must have faith that they can be helped, maintain the hope that a better tomorrow awaits them and in the recovery process to sustain the result of their treatment. Then and only then will be able to find the internal strength day after day to remain alcohol and drug free. 

Our facility is a safe heaven for our patients and resource to our community. Fundamentally, we are a people business with an emphasis on 'people helping people' . We constantly strive to meet the needs of our patients and their families during their time of crises in a compassionate, caring and professional environment so that they can cherish and say ' I found my freedom'. 

Only God can turn a Mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, a victim into a victory. 

Muhammad Tahir Nawaz 
Chief Executive Officer